167640_WEB001_LIDO2_SP1_BIANCO (1).png

lido 2

Diameter:     13 cm


Height:          16 cm


Light source: G9 max 1X15W


Material:        Mouth-blown glass


Colour:           White


Price:              135 €

Some experts bid on what to use lamps to:

1 A pendant lamp over a dining table is most optimally hanging, if there is 70 cm from the table to the bottom of the lamp.

2 Avoid too long a distance between lamps, at most 40 cm, so you do not have to move to catch the light, for example when working in a kitchen.

3 Create as many lights in the living room as possible. The more, the better. There needs to be light at the dining table, at reading spots, next to the couch and at the television

4 Make small oases with cosy lighting, not necessarily for need but to create feeling.

Lido 2 is a great example on how to achieve the best result by using small lamps in a row over a dining table or at the kitchen table.