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Functionality and beautiful design.


Kubox are beautiful cabinets with fabulous decorative motifs and exciting details, which you can use to focus on your decor and create experiences, the perfect twist of style and flair for the home. With the beautiful Kubox cabinets, you have the opportunity to make everyday life more colorful and energetic. Use them in the hallway of your home to welcome your guests, or create a cozy corner in the living room or on a porch where it will be possible to retire and enjoy a break. Kubox is produced in collaboration with The Dybdahl Co.

Height:             73 cm

length:             45 cm

depth:              34 cm

Material:          Elm melamine




Light Elm

Lukket mørk.png
Åben mørk .png
Lukket lys.png
Åben lys.png
Kubox, pp07p dark closed.png
Kubox, pp07p light closed.png
1212 lukket light elm.png
1212 lukket elm.png
Kubox, 1609 light closed.png
Kubox, 1609 dark closed.png
2700 light closed.png
2700 dark closed.png
2700 light closed.png
Kubox, 2100 dark closed.png
Kubox, 2100 light closed.png
2924L light closed.png
2924L dark closed.png
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