elephant table lamp

Depth:           35 cm

Width:            27 cm


Height:           25 cm


Light source:  LED 9,5V – 0,3A


Material:         Polypropylene


Colour:           White

Price:               80 €

Zoolight are children lamps with character. The lamps are like little, happy lighting sculptures, that brings joy and harmony into a room. Zoolight is not just a collection of lamps, it also a kind of toy, always ready for fun, and ready for a world of imagination.
When darkness subsides and you dream of brighter times, it is great to light up the children's room with a lamp that combines the practical with the creative.

Zoolight lamps are a must-have!


Safety is of highest concern with us, all lamps meet security standards, of which are required by Europe (EN) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)