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MagicoClaudio is a danish design company looking to create original and innovative products in a simple and modern fusion that we call “modern vintage”. We do our best to interpret feelings and senses “out there” and tell good and relevant stories through shapes and materials. It needs to be an experience and a celebration of aesthetic and functionality. Make an impression on every day with a classic-retro product from MagicoClaudio.

MagicoClaudio is a dream…. It is also a company, a company with a passion for design as fuel. Vi want something with design, because we think that design is much more than just a new piece of furniture or a new lamp. It is something living, an organism in movement, that developes with technology and new contributers.. There is many options to find the exact product matching your hime, with the new stylish design that characterizes our products.

Design is not just about creating material products or shaping, design, however, is a mental project that involves our senses. Design is change, design is behaviour. Design connects us together, when we use furniture to decorate our apartments and houses, when vi create corners where we can cozy up with our family and friends. MagicoClaudio are beautiful products with perfect soft shapes that makes every room more beautiful.

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